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Atkins Shaker Bottle

Atkins Shaker Bottle

Ref: LJ001

In stock

The Atkins Mixer blender bottle,shaker with the stainless steel blending whisk ball is used for blending protein shakes, supplement drinks, smoothies, salad dressings, baby formula, eggs, instant puddings and lots more, the uses are endless. The TriqMixer whisk mixes the thickest of drinks with ease. Simply add your ingredients - shake and drink (or pour)! The Mixer works on the same principle as a wire whisk. Made out of electropolished surgical stainless steel, it circulates throughout the contents of the bottle as you shake it, blending the thickest ingredients with ease. Lumpy shakes and cooking mixtures are a thing of the past with the Blender TriqMixer. Screw on water tight lid Snap on leak proof cap Multi-purpose Mixes perfectly every time Very sturdy Hygenic Easy to clean Easy to carry

Price: 3.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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